Escort in Flint, Michigan

Dont aint robbed none a u bitches usasexguide is BULLSHIT

About Me

Do I mf look like a crackhead to y’all Ok then I don’t pop pills nor call

asleep on dates like most. Y’all know who tf the robbers is Mariah -Tia-Rose &

Brooklyn all crackheads except tia not no fein. And ain’t none of these hoes

stopping my dates. Half of them got big ugly ass Clits saggy ass pussy lips &

some just shaped fucked up. How tf u go be small but big ass stomach stop

it…Half these hoes don’t got full custody a they kids & can’t keep no

house/car or shit just looking for the next quick fix.

Y’all Wana see who talking bs go to usasexguide Flint escort form!! Lol it’s

no secret the Trix put it up there for a mf reason for US WOMEN n u Trix to

look at. Half the reviews be FAKE AS FUCK.

I HOPE they keep robbing y’all dumb asses!

I see: Men only

Name: Kynisha Brown

My Details

Age: 38

Phone no: 810-221-9976

Current Location: Flint, Michigan

  “When you call, tell me that you see my ads on


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